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Youtuber Preference: Skype Call

Yay our first submission! Send them in, loves!!!

Jack: You had just gotten back from your visit to England not even two days ago and you already missed him like crazy. To go from seeing him every day to barely being able to talk to him was hard. It was 5 am and you were having trouble sleeping so you decided to play on your phone. Jack must have noticed you were awake, because he called you on Skype.

“Good morning babe. What are you doing up?” Jack asked concerned.

“I’m having trouble sleeping. I may have gotten a total of two hours’ worth of sleep tonight if I’m lucky” you said.

 He smirked “If you were here with me I bet you would sleep better”

“Jack! I just miss you” you said. I knew he was just joking around but seeing him, just made me miss him even more. Jack frowned “Y/N, I know I miss you too. Just remember I love you and I’m coming to visit in two months”

“That’s such a long time though!” you whined jokingly.

“Well we can Skype as often as possible. Just remember you are always on my mind” Jack smiled.

“Can you just talk to me until I fall asleep?” you asked.

“Anything for you Y/N”

Finn: Finn was in India with Jack and the rest of the Mother Tukkers you were happy for him. He was out enjoying himself and raising money for a great cause, but you couldn’t help feeling a bit sad. You wanted him to be back in England with you. Is that kind of selfish? A bit, but you hadn’t seen him in what felt like forever and because of the internet service you barely even heard from him. So you were shocked when you received a message from Finn on Skype asking if you were available to get on and talk for a minute.

“Finn!!” you greeted when he answered the call.

“Y/N!!” he laughed “I guess you miss me huh?”

“Nah! Not at all. I’ve just been spending all my time out at the pubs flirting with other guys” you joked.

“Haha, very funny, but seriously Y/N I miss you” Finn said getting all serious.

“Yeah in all seriousness I miss you, a lot! When will you be back?”

“Just a few more days and then we fly back” the smile back on his face “I’ve picked you up some things”

“Yeah, what?” you asked enthusiastically.

“FINN!!” you heard Jack called. Finn yelled back “Just a minute!” “Y/N I got to go. Remember I love you and miss you”

“I love and miss you too” you said sadly. “Goodbye” he said as he waved a small wrapped package in front of the camera and signed off. You sent him a message saying Finn you are such a tease!

Dan: You had been going out with Dan for about a year now, but no matter how many times he had to travel for Youtube you could never get used to it. This was just one of those times though you were supposed to go with him to Vidcon, but an unforeseen accident had made it so you couldn’t go. A week prior to Vidcon you had tripped and fell down the stairs at Dan and Phil’s apartment and you broke your leg, you were such a klutz. Dan said that he would cancel and stay with you, but you weren’t going to be the cause of that so you insisted that he go. You told him that your mother was more than capable of taking care of you and that his fans needed him more than I did so he reluctantly left you yesterday. It had only been a day and you already wished he was back. It was about 10 am in England and you were up because your leg had been aching all night and you just decided to get on the internet and within moments of getting on Dan was Skype calling you.

“Babe, what are you doing up? It’s like 2 in the morning in California” you asked, but you were happy that he was. Just seeing that smile on his face made you forget about your leg.

“Hey you know me I’m always up to all hours of the night. Plus I wanted to see you” he smiled knowing that simple statement hinting at him missing you would make you blush. He found it incredibly adorable and he took it upon himself to make you blush at least once a day.

“Stop Dan! Not that I’m glad you are up and talking to me, but this weekend is for your fans and I know for a fact Phil and yours signing is early tomorrow” you scolded him playfully.

“Y/N! Okay you are right. Plus the sooner this weekend is over the sooner I can get back and try my best to help take care of you” Dan winked.

“Hey! You make it sound like I’m helpless! I could still do things on my own it would just take forever”

“I know! How is your leg?” he asked purposely extending the conversation

“Sore that’s why I’m up and on the internet, but you and I are avoiding ending this conversation”

“Your right. Y/N I love and miss you. I will be home in three day” he said slightly sad.

“Goodnight Dan. I love and miss you too” I said as we hung up the conversation. Moments later I got a direct message from him on Twitter with a picture of him in bed saying This would be better if you were here :)

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