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Preference 1: How He Holds You

Preference 2: He Calls You in the Middle of the Night

Preference 3: He’s Jealous of Another Youtuber You’ve Previously Been With

Preference 4: He Takes You to VidCon

Preference 5: You are Best Friends and Wake Up Next to Each Other        Part 2    Part 3   Part 4

Preference 6: Movie Days

Preference 7: Grocery Shopping

Preference 8: Starbucks Runs

Preference 9: He Tells You He Loves You

Preference 10: Truth or Dare Rated:M!

Preference 11: You Hate each other but Fall in Love

Preference 12: He Picks You up from Uni

Preference 13: Birthdays

Preference 16: Daddy Daughter Moment

Alfie’s Part to Daddy/Daughter Moment

Preference 17: Weird Places You Have Sex

Preference 18: You Are in One of his Videos

Preference 19: His Reaction to Having Multiples

Preference 20: You Meet at VidCon and Hook Up     Part Two

Preference 21: Friends With Benefits

Preference 22: He Finds Out You’ve Been Raped

Preference 23: You Lose Your Virginity to Him

Preference 24: What He Thinks When He First Sees You

Preference 25: You’re Plus Sized

Preference 26: He Asks You to Stay After a One Night Stand

Preference 27: His Insecurities

Preference 28: His Dad/Brother Doesn’t Approve   Part 2

Preference 29: He Cheats

Preference 30: The Night of Your Wedding

Preference 31: His Angry Tweet When you Get Hate

Preference 32: He Gets into a Fight with Your Ex

Preference 33: You Catch Him Masturbating

Preference 34: Rough Sex/Bondage

Preference 35: How You Wake Up Together

Preference 36: Long Distance Relationship

Preference 37: His Reaction to You Being on the Pill

Preference 38: Your Hidden Talents

Preference 39: What You Name Your Baby

Preference 40: His Wedding Vows

One Direction:

Preference 1: What He Does When He First Sees You

Preference 2: How He Asks You to Stay for the First Time

Preference 3: You Are Friends with Benefits and Start Having Feelings for Each Other

Preference 4: He Asks You to Have Sex with Him for the First Time

Preference 5: Sexual Truth or Dare

Preference 6: How He Holds Your Hand

Preference 7: You Hypnotize Him      Part Two (sexual version)

Preference 8: You Act like You Hate Each Other but Secretly Love Each Other

Preference 10: He’s Your Brother’s Best Friend   Part 2

Preference 11: You’re the Sixth Member and He Falls in Love with You      Part 2

Preference 12: Young and Beautiful

Preference 13: He Likes You but You Don’t Like Him

Preference 14: The Mile High Club

Preference 16: He Cheats    Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Preference 17: Bums

Preference 20: Boobs

Preference 22: Rainy Days

Preference 23: Kissing Favorite Parts of Their Body

Preference 24: Daddy/Daughter Moment

Preference 25: You Get Into a Fight  Part 2  Part 3

Preference 29: He Hits You  Part 2

Preference 32: He Catches You Masturbating

Preference 33: Something He Remembers About You

Preference 34: You go to Ikea Together

Preference 35: He Sees You’re Lonely and Comes to Talk to You

Preference 36: Just Can’t Let Her Go

Preference 37: You Cheat on Him with Another Bandmember

Preference 38: You Get Drunk/High Together

Preference 39: You Miss Him After a Breakup

Harry Series:

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10


Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Liam Series:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Harry and Louis:

Part 1

Part 2